To celebrate World Financial Planning Day, CFP professionals around the world are sharing financial planning advice on LinkedIn. Take a look at some of the advice that has been shared so far, post your own advice, include the #WFPD2021 hashtag, and be sure to nominate your colleagues to do the same!

Join FPSB CEO Dante De Gori, CFP, to hear New Zealand findings from a new global consumer research study on the value of financial planning via an online webinar on 4 October, World Financial Planning Day. Learn more:

#WFPD2023 #CFP #financialplanning

"We're excited to release FPSB's new global consumer research findings on 4 October, World Financial Planning Day, to show that financial planning can play a key role in reducing financial stress and worries," said FPSB CEO Dante De Gori, CFP.


This World Financial Planning Day, hear IOSCO Secretary General and FPSB CEO discuss the role financial planners can play to support investor protection.

Tune in at on 4 October to see the discussion.


The countdown to World Financial Planning Day has begun! Check out activities taking place across the globe to help you learn more about the benefits of financial planning.

Learn more: 

#WFPD2023 #IOSCOWIW2023 #CFP #financialplanning

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