High School Visits | WIW Series | Financial Clinics | Live Series

Planejar – Associação Brasileira de Planejamento Financeiro, FPSB’s Brazil Affiliate, will conduct a variety of activities to help raise awareness of the value of financial planning and of working with a competent and ethical financial planner, like a CFP professional. Activities include:

  • CFP professionals to visit seven high schools to help students and young adults discover the benefits of financial planning, in partnership with Anbima and Multiplying Dreams
  • Financial clinics
  • World Investor Week lecture series with CFP professionals at the Mudes Foundation, in partnership with CVM
  • Lives series with a financial planner: How to get out of over-indebtedness and start investing
  • Lives series with a financial planner: How financial planning can transform your life
  • Live series with a financial planner: Pyramids and financial scams – what you need to know about financial scams
  • Social media campaign


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