NSE Bell Ringing Ceremony and Financial Education Events | Sept – 7 Oct

In observance of World Financial Planning Day, FPSB in India will conduct the following events and programs:

  • September: Fireside Chat with Sanjeev Kumar, founder of PrognoAdvisor.com, and a CFP professional on the evolution of financial planning and the importance of financial literacy.
  • First week of October: Live TV discussions with CFP professionals on the importance of financial literacy and the value of financial planning.
  • 2 Oct from 4-5 p.m.: Masterclass Webinar – Financial Planning the SMART WAY with Nita Menezes, CFP
  • 4 Oct: National Stock Exchange of India Bell Ringing Ceremony
  • 4 Oct: A 30-45 min. live session with a CFP practitioner on basic personal finance including cash flow, estate planning, and more. View session on FPSB India’s YouTube channel.
  • 4 Oct: Host in-person discussions with students that cover the importance of financial literacy and financial planning.
  • 7 Oct: Host in-person discussions with employees that address the importance of goal-based, long-term saving and investment.


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