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Social Media Promotions for World Financial Planning Day

World Financial Planning Day

Social Media

Social media channels can reach a large audience with little or no cost. Using your own social media platforms or asking stakeholders including CFP professionals, partners and/or volunteers to promote World Financial Planning Day (WFPD) activities through their own personal channels can be beneficial to spreading the news about your efforts.

The official hashtag of WFPD2022 is: #wfpd2022.

WFPD Social Media Toolkit

These suggested social media posts and images can be used to raise awareness about World Financial Planning Day (WFPD), and build consumer awareness about the value of financial planning, of having a financial plan, and of working with a CFP professional.

Suggestions for social media channels:

  • Use the official WFPD2022 hashtag #wfpd2022
  • Remember to update your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram channels regularly and cross-promote all of your social media content
  • When posting on social media platforms, be sure that each post includes a visual element of some kind (video, photo, infographic or other image)
  • Feel free to share your WFPD posts on other social media platforms including Snapchat, TikTok and others
  • Use popular hashtags that are trending on social media channels like #financialplanning #CFP
  • Direct followers to the World Financial Planning Day microsite at

Need suggestions on what to post? Below are examples of messages you can share on your social media platforms:

Announcing World Financial Planning Day:

  • Mark your calendars! 5 October is World Financial Planning Day, when we celebrate our global community of #CFP professionals and focus on the benefits that access to #financialplanning for all can bring.  #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #financialplanning
  • The 6th Annual World Financial Planning Day is on 5 October! Learn more about the value of having a financial plan and working with a competent and ethical CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional. #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #financialplanning
  • The countdown to World Financial Planning Day has begun! Learn how a #CFP professional can help you meet your short and long-term financial goals. #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #financialplanning
  • Today is World Financial Planning Day! Learn more about the value of #financialplanning, of having a financial plan and of working with a competent and ethical financial planner. #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #CFP


  • Ready to learn how #financialplanning can help you? World Financial Planning Day is 5 October and a financial plan can help you build a roadmap to ensure your loved ones are protected. Find a #CFP professional who has committed to put your interests first. #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW
  • Did you know #CFP professionals commit to a rigorous code of ethics? Its principles include putting clients’ interests first, integrity, objectivity, fairness, professionalism, competence, confidentiality and diligence. Learn more: #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #financialplanning
  • Curious about getting started with a financial plan? A #CFP professional can take you through a comprehensive process to develop and implement a personalized financial plan to achieve your life goals. Learn more: #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #financialplanning


  • Join us on 5 October to celebrate World Financial Planning Day and the more than 203,000 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals who have achieved our profession’s mark of excellence. Link to Teaser Video #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #CFP #financialplanning
  • #CFP Professionals: This 5 October is World Financial Planning Day! How will you demonstrate the value of #financialplanning to those in your community? Link to Teaser Video #IOSCOWIW
  • This 5 October, join thousands of #CFP professionals as we raise awareness of the value of #financialplanning, having a financial plan, and working with a financial planner committed to putting clients’ interests first. Link to Teaser Video #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #financialplanning
  • On this World Financial Planning Day, learn how the global financial planning community is coming together to raise awareness of the value of #financialplanning and working with a competent and ethical financial planner. #WFPD2022 #IOSCOWIW #CFP

WFPD Branded Social Media Visuals

We suggest using WFPD branded visuals to accompany your social media posts. You can use the designs below or get inspired to create your own WFPD branded social media images or videos.

Facebook Cover Photos (820 x 312 pixels)

Twitter Header Image (1500 x 500 pixels)

LinkedIn Background Photo (1584 x 396 pixels)

YouTube Banner Image (2048 x 1152 pixels)

Instagram Profile Photo (320 x 320 pixels)

Images for daily WFPD posts

Below are images (500 x 500 pixels) for daily social media. Feel free to add these to your posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

jpeg images…

Video Clips

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